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Responsive Tactility: 4D Printed Skins


As technology is entering the most intimate parts of our lives, it becomes more relevant to reconsider the way it looks and feels. The surfaces of technological applications can be softer, more responsive, and more organic. We often need to physically interact with technology. Why not make that experience an exciting sensory one?  


‘Responsive Tactility: 4D Printed Skins’ are surfaces consisting of integrally printed patterns of ‘skeletons’, ‘muscles’, and ‘joints’ on stretched fabric. When the tension of the fabric is removed after printing, the surface folds itself into shape: 4D printing. The form and details of the surfaces change when touched, giving a soft tactile response.


date           2018

size             100cm x 150cm
material        TPU and polyamide jersey
photography  Ben van Kemenade

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